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Full Version: A Basic Event System in OS
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Basically, i think OS would heavily benefit from adding a basic event system of some kind.

- What does it do?

This event system would allow variables to be dynamically changed while a sequence is playing
(If i'm not mistaken, General MIDI has something similar)

- How would this work?

Well the best way i see to go about this, is to retain the simple "Click to place" Nature of the sequencer, meaning there would be a new "Instrument" setting and you would simply place them like normal notes. The event notes would have their own section (like below C2) so they wouldn't interfere with actual notes. To change what the event does, you could double click it and change the values, etc.
The event would be triggered when it is "played" like a regular note. When exporting to MIDI, these would simply be ignored. A popup would appear when these notes are hovered upon to show what they are changing. 

Here is a quick example: 

 - What type of events would there be?

Reverb/Delay Event - (Parameters: Instrument ID)
This event would simply toggle the reverb/delay for its respective instrument.

Volume Change Event - (Parameters: Instrument ID, volume increase/decrease amount)
This is where things get VERY interesting. For starters, this would eliminate the need to stack notes to have a similar effect (though you can still do it if you want). When these events are triggered, the volume value of the instrument specified would be changed by the specified amount. This would be incredibly useful for creating much more precise  Fade-ins/Fade-outs. An example would be lining several of these events up and increasing  the volume by a small amount each time. Essentially it would would set the volume of the instrument as if you moved the slider while a sequence is playing.

Loop Start Event - (Parameters: Measure Number or Grid Position to start looping from)
This event would set where the sequencer starts playing notes from after it has looped once. For example, you have a sequence with an intro which starts at Measure 1. Then you have the "Main" part of the piece (lets say it starts at Measure 4). Instead of looping back to Measure 1 and playing the intro part again, you could tell the sequencer to start playing at Measure 4. Many video games use this principle to allow music to be looped seamlessly.

+ Other Possible Events I Cant Think Of

The addition of these events would greatly improve the quality of life of the website. There would be so many more possibilities with just these three events alone! Reply down below to give me feedback or suggest things of your own!
I really like that idea. Clever