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Full Version: Video Segments - March 2018: New World Contest
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About one year ago, the moderator DCSM had the idea to create a giant OS Contest. The Contest had tons of submissions, and was a huge success. DCSM made a huuuge video to show all of the sequence submissions and announce the winners of each segment.

Video Segments
The video itself is almost 3 hours in length. This is due partially to the fact that the video is recorded live and unedited. There are large gaps in the video that extend the video much longer than it needs to be.

That is why I present to you the Segments within the video!
(P.S. I did this last year when the video came out, and forgot to post a forum post about it.)

Here it is...
I have formatted it as best as I can to look like an organized list of times, similar to a Table of Contents or Index.

2018 New World Contest Video

Main Link:

Introduction and Opening:

C Class
C Class- Listening to Entries: 19:19

C Class- Dcsm Disscusses Entries: 35:11 (Intermission after discussion)
C Class- Results: 44:19
(Intermission after discussion)

B Class
Listening to First Set of Entries: 50:25
Listening to Second Set Set of Entries: 1:01:13
Listening to Third Set Set of Entries: 1:09:19
Listening to Last Set Entries: 1:18:20 (Intermission after songs)

B Class Results: 1:24:12
(Intermission after discussion)

A Class
Listening to First Set of Entries: 1:28:40
Listening to Second Set of Entries: 1:38:03
Listening to Third Set of Entries:1:45:43
Listening to Last Set of Entries: 1:54:45

A Class- Results: 2:08:40
(Intermission after songs)

S Class
Listening to First Set of Entries: 2:12:36
Listening to Second Set of Entries: 2:19:56
Listening to Last Set of Entries: 2:35:46

S Class- Final Results, Dcsm’s Rating System, Prizes, and Conclusion: 2:48:23

Aaaand that is it!
Thank you so much to DCSM for making this possible!

I hope this is helpful to some of you who are curious to go back and watch this event.
just so you know, i still haven’t gotten any personal messages from people asking to claim their prize. Thanks for making this, though.
what prize to what? im kinda knew to this website
The contest is looooong over. Those who won the prizes will know what to claim, though.
(03-12-2019, 08:26 PM)DisgustD Wrote: [ -> ]WHAT CONTEST????

It was a contest that ran for a couple of months almost exactly one year ago (as I mentioned in the original post ;-;).
It is no longer running, but you can watch the results of it using one or more of the links in the post above.