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Full Version: henlo, am me.
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hey, my name is Doublepower, commonly Double or Ublepo. 

im 11. yes, that might sound like a surprise to some of yall, but no, i aint lyin. my birthday is on sept 5th.

my sequences are decent (i guess) and i used to play the piano, but stopped.
i play the cajon and i am 2 months in.

i dont have any kinda thang you can see me on other than on this very website, but i am on pretty much every day.

i compose in my own style, formerly using piano, drum kit, and triangle, 
to pretty much all 8-bits, smooth synth, grand/ragtime piano, electric drum kit, and jazz guitar.

pls dont check my sequences unless theyre:

1. relatively new, or 

2. featured. 

off topic, i found this website because Vsauce featured it in one of his DONGs.

i get along with people easily, but if you're as toxic as Chernobyl on a Friday night, i will not tolerate you. at all.