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Full Version: FB group just because question mark?
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My mom doesn't like me being on this website, because of strangers >_> but I want to make a Facebook group so I can still talk to my cool buds, without being on this website. Should I make one?
There will be rules, of course. Mainly,
 ) No spamming
 ) No harassing other humans
 ) No inappropriate images (like poop >_>)
 ) Anything is allowed, music and otherwise, as long as you abide by the previous rules.
 ) Mostly art-related stuff maybe

There might be moderators, but still, don't be a db anyway.
do it i guess
Don't really feel like putting my personal information out there for the randos of OS to see, sorry not the biggest fan, good idea tho
how the fuck does your mom think that fb is any more appropriate than this site
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(03-17-2019, 08:04 PM)Jacob_ Wrote: [ -> ][Image: Screenshot_20190317-205702.png]

ok so the tea is
My mom doesn't like me talking to strangers on a "random website" but I can use Facebook because my famalam uses it to talk to each other. She knows I talk on here a lot and doesn't approve, but she doesn't mind me being on FB.
How about an OS Instagram page?

No need to follow them on the facebook page, just follow it on Insta.
Then, if you are afraid of personal info, just set your Insta account to be private (which I would assume you would already be doing anyway)

Instagram would allow followers to see posts of news and such (popular forum posts, contest reminders, reminders about events and podcast releases - and most importantly, OS memes) and have them in with people's normal feed.

Just an idea, tell me what you think.
(I know, I'm not really [i]hip with the kids{/i] these days *rolls eyes* ok boomer)