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Full Version: 2019 April Monthly Contest
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[Image: avatar_2740.png?dateline=1556629097] Hello Online Sequencer! As we’re now about to be heading into mud season (unless you live somewhere that doesn’t experience that), it’s time to announce the April Monthly Contest.

This month’s theme is simple: make some music fit for a rainy day.

Oh, and we’re also bringing back the example sequences (and I suppose I should also post the general rules here as well)!

General Information

The entry period is from 4/1 ~ 4/21 (11:59 PM EST). Winners will be announced on 4/30!

While we will post general notes on every contest, please refer to the Monthly Contest announcement thread for more details on Monthly Contests themselves.
  • Entry limit of 2 sequences per person.
  • Committee members are allowed to enter the contests, but will not enter their example sequence nor will they vote for their own entry.
  • Sequences made prior to the current Monthly Contest are allowed, although we don’t recommend entering the same sequence in different Monthly Contests.
  • Making a remix of an existing song is allowed.
  • The standard Online Sequencer Rules will apply and any entries violating a rule will automatically be disqualified.
I’m excited to see what you all come up with! Good luck!

Committee Notes

[Image: avatar_6702.jpg?dateline=1523245530] Hey everybody! I got some example sequences just to give you guys an idea of what’s goin’ down.

Credit to Wafels and whoever discovered the pizzicato trick, but in this example I have here, you can simulate rain by taking the Drum Kit and turning the volume way down. You can play around with the slap, cymbals, and hi-q in a random order with reverb to get that crisp sound of water droplets hitting the ground. (Or you can just copy and paste mine. ;D)

To make thunder, turn your pizzicato down low and make a small wall of notes (preferably on the scale). The preferred range of notes goes from C2 to about E3. Adding delay and reverb to top it off, and boom, you got yourself some thunder.

As for the music itself. Go for anything that could make you imagine a rainy scenario. Perhaps you want to go for the classic rainy cafe jazz. Or perhaps you want to make a tribal african rain dance. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Get creative with it.  

[Image: avatar_2740.png?dateline=1556629097] Speaking of Guest’s idea of a rainy jazz cafe, let’s take that idea and turn it on its head, shall we? Instead of dark and gloomy, while it might be raining outside, the clouds are a bright white and it’s midday. While there’s certainly a band in the cafe, it’s not playing a slow, dreary, tune, but instead one that’s more upbeat but calm, providing a relaxing break from the mundane midday of the outside world. What music would you think of in a scenario like this? Well, here’s my answer to that question.

Speaking of which, is it just me, or does no one ever try to go for the bright, cloudy midday (with or without rain) scenery. It’s always either clear skies with the sun beating down, a dark and gloomy night (oftentimes with rain), or a scenic sunset.

contest submission 
(04-01-2019, 12:33 PM)Andrzej.S567 Wrote: [ -> ]contest submission 

Disqualified for blatantly copying someone else's work. However, you can enter another sequence if it doesn't break the rules.
If it's only allowed for 1 entry, I choose the second one (Under the Skin)

Sorry if it doesn't load, there are probably over 30000 DrumKit notes.

Almost forgot, the rain kind of sucks

Edit: Oh crap, I removed the rain. It took me hours to add all that! Let me know if it matters to not have the rain, and if I should replace it
This is probably one of my favorites ever. When I was writing this, I had the vision of a child trying to play while it storms outside, who is afraid of the thunder but conquers that fear.

So I made this a little while back when it was raining.
It may not win, but hopefully you guys like it anyway.
Eh, not good, but I'm at least entering.

this is my best, its chaotic like a hurricane 
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