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Full Version: Good lord, guys.
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I left for one test jesus guys

Now, to discuss this whole, banning for no reason, blah blah blah. 

1. Mods are NOT obligated in any sense to tell you the reason for another user being banned. It could very well be about information that they are either not comfortable or even not able entirely to share. If they choose to keep the reason of a ban to themselves, you must respect that choice. Despite popular belief, mods don't do anything for no reason.  OS has already had plenty of drama with this issue before. and it's long since been dealt with. 

2. Even if lucent can be harsh, or cynical ,and the like, they have been given the mod position for a reason.  They are doing their best to try to keep this community safe from spamming, drama, and overall keep the place safe, in a sense. Every mod has been deemed trustworthy and responsible enough by Jacob. It is NOT your decision if they are worthy of the position in your eyes. That's simply the truth. 

3. In this case, Lucent was executing something from Jacob. They did not do it just because they didn't like lui, or just felt like sparking drama, or just felt like it because why not. If lucent was ordered to ban me, and was given a proper reason, I don't doubt she'd be willing to do that, too.

Mods already have a tough job, with a lot of responsibilities and weight on their backs. Let's please not make that any more difficult for them.

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