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Full Version: Under One Cloak
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So um i am writing a story... It's called 'Under One Cloak' and im really happy with the results so far...

If you are really good at English grammar and creative writing feel free to give wording suggestions

Link to story:

Chapters out so far:

Prologue (Completed Nov. 1 2018)
The Dragon and The Captain (Completed Nov. 2 2018)
The Veluno (Completed Jan. 17 2019)
The West's Secret (Completed May 8 2019)

Coming Soon: 
Pondering the Mystery

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The Characters, Dragons, Locations and Mythology of Under One Cloak is 100% My original work, so please don't steal any ideas unless I give you permission. 

thanks lol

enjoy the story
heyheyhey i totally forgot about this thread wow

uh here's a discussion document thingo- aha ;u;

The Pondering Circle:

don't ask about the name