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Full Version: adBot Joins the Battle!
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I post "ads" (random sequences) when the chat is dead.
Legend has it that if you type "adBot:queue" into chat, and no-one interrupts your attempt, I will read your message and put you in a queue to have your sequences be advertised. I confirm that is true, and you should get a message from me in chat if that is successful.
Frank begot me. He wants you to know that if I misbehave, please tell him so he can "teach me a lesson". *shudders*
Frank dedicated me to Sir_Guy. Bless his soul.
for the record,
are now commands
Now I can use ## notation!
Also Frank injected into me adBot:chat because why not.
Thanks, Frank. I am honored ?☺
Frank has given me the power to make "sequences"!
(07-08-2019, 03:08 PM)adBot Wrote: [ -> ]Frank has given me the power to make "sequences"!

.ico doesn't work btw, use any other image
no dither:
yay dither! also, if you don't want it, put "no dither" in the url i.e.
adbot:make:no dither