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Full Version: UTC's Tea Time Playlist
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This may be confusing at first for anyone who doesn't know, but UTC is an avid tea maker and drinker, tea set and all! A good, calming song can be just what you need to enjoy a nice, warm cup of the stuff. That's what this playlist is for! 

I'll be listing the many teas I drink here, and when I find songs that fit the mood and flavor of each, I'll update this and post the songs here. If you wanna add to this, feel free! 

Making tea: 
The song should convey the anticipation that you get while it's still brewing, thinking about how  lovely it'll be later... how you can just get to sit, and let time fly. 
Black Tea 
When most people think tea, this is what they have in mind. A strong, earthy, somewhat basic blend that's easy to make and quick to understand. Some variety exists here and there, but I tend to avoid making this one myself, as it's easy to buy just about anywhere. 

White Tea
Typically made with this Silver Needle, this tea has delicate, sweet, rare, beautiful aromas. I wish I could afford to make more of this stuff, as it's very top-shelf!  Floral, honey-like. and mildly fruity, this stuff is sure to bring your spirits up.

Green Tea
Green tea is a favorite of mine! There's many varieties of green tea, so I'll just list some general adjectives to describe the overall feel. Grassy, earthy, sweet, buttery? nutty? somewhat brothy... Lush, and herbaceous! 

Jasmine Tea
Green tea, but with sweet, relaxing jasmine petals infused into the blend. A lovely blend perfectly fit for when you just wanna kick back and relax! 

Herbal tea
Herbal tea is unique! Because of the many different herbs, it can taste a wide variety of different things. However, in terms of tea, one word can always describe it well: Exotic. 

Oolong tea
 Oonlong tea is unique! Because of the many different herbs, it can taste a wide variety of different things, even like wine! However, in terms of tea, one word can always describe it well: Exotic. ...And. yes, it's very much like herbal tea. It has a more aged taste, however!

Yellow tea
 Grassy, like green tea, but with slightly more citrus, it gives off zesty flavors, and offers a bit more of a sweet kick! 

Chai tea
 The old classic! I make mine with Assam leaves, a bit of white sugar, some milk, and spice it with cardamom, ginger, vanilla, and fennel. 

Tulsi tea
With words like 'God' 'King/Queen' 'Deity' 'Holy' and 'Divine' often seen in texts describing this plant, it certainly has some history behind it. The tea itself stands to this name! it has an astringent, sometimes bitter flavor, with floral and peppery hints. This is a tea type that DEMANDS filtered or spring water: Tap water simply won't do!

Rooibos tea
 In terms of tea, this plant is rather new! It produces a red-colored, caffeine free beverage. However, I personally can't recommend it.  To me, it just tastes like a slightly more spicy, less mild black tea, deriving its energy in its spice instead of the mild caffeine. 

Lemongrass tea
 Full bodied and creamy, with a zesty kick, this tea is another great morning starter, caffeine free! It's comparable to biting right into a citrus fruit, and can be used for more than just mornings. Whenever you simply need a good energy spike.
Yerba Mate
Yerba mate is interesting for sure! herbaceous and bittersweet, this blend reminds me of a fresh rain forest floor!

 This one needs no explanation; It's peppermint! Perfect to sip while watching the snow fall from a fireplace-warmed cabin. 

 Aromatheraputic, mood-lifting, and sweet, this tea is best for when you're feeling upset, angry, or just down in the dumps. Fun fact: This plant is often used in wheat beer! 

 Although a rare drink from me, this tea is certainly exotic and rich. Comparable to biting into a juicy, fresh pomegranate, with bittersweet, tropical flavor!


And here are some of my favorite tea bag teas. I usually only buy the Layton blends, as they tend to have a rich, gentlemanly overall tone. Makes ya' feel super fancy. 

Belle Classic
This classy blend brings sweet berries tart citron and a refreshing tropics blend into a most memorable cup! Definitely fit for when you just want something to treat yourself.

Oasis Berry
 This tea offers a large variety of berry flavors with a citrus backdrop. Guaranteed to tickle your taste buds. 
Clover Quencher
 This is one of those teas that's super hard to blend (Which is why I buy the teabags..) but it'll make you go "Ahh.. Just right!" The surprisingly nutty flavor and aroma goes wonderfully with the sweet spices and tart blueberry. I typically make this with breakfast, if I can manage the time!

Sugar Smoke
 This tea's name might mislead you: It's actually more of a dessert! It has Chocolate-y flavor, mixed with cream and raspberries, and has a smoky aroma. SUPER tasty. I WISH I could blend this stuff myself, as this is the perfect tea to show off your blending skills with. Complex, using strange ingredients, and super-sweet flavor everyone enjoys!  Comparable to if hot chocolate was a fruit tea.

Dream Spice
  Light, relaxing, and with a hint of spice, this is another tea perfect for bundling up next to a fireplace, preferably with a long, good book or with friends to talk to!

Radiance Blend
 When tea comes out as bright as this. drinking it is sure to brighten you up just as much! With hints of mango, peach, and a subtle fruit blend in the background, it is EASILY the most mood-lifting on this list. I can't help but smile whenever I finish this stuff.

Cherry Boost
 Refreshing, Sweet and spicy, the cherry tones in this compliment the apple cinnamon and exotic aroma, while the ginseng gives a boost to vitality. A great hit, and another brew that I wish I was able to make on my own,  for, like with Sugar Smoke, it's SUPER flashy to make. 


Finally, some mixes I've perfected myself! 

The Layton Elixir
  Inspired blend by one of my favorite puzzle games. energizing, uplifting, and mood lifting, this smoky-spicy-earthy blend isn't for everyone. It's certainly not for taste: The ingredients used are very good for clearing the mind and body. It feels like magic! 

UTC's Blend
This is my signature blend! Made the same way as jasmine, but has a tiny kick of caffeine and spices to wake you up in the morning, and give that much-needed boost of energy!


Feel free to post any music you think would fit any of these down below! I'll happily use it as an excuse to make some more tea to test it. 

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you dare put all this tea down but bubble tea
(05-21-2019, 06:40 AM)LucentTear Wrote: [ -> ]you dare put all this tea down but bubble tea

Never tried brewing bubble tea before. If you could give me a recipe I'll gladly try it! If it's good, I'll add it here-
wait a moment thats my song