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Hi everyone, john2019 here. I'm new-ish to this site, but this account is brand new. I'm a music boi who's done doing, uh, music things for around 10 years. I was in orchestra from 5th grade to my freshman year of college (which I just got out from), and I have been taking piano lessons for around the same time. I started composing around 7 years ago when I was shown a nifty app called GarageBand on a family friend's iPad. I guess my dad noticed how much I enjoyed fiddling with it that one time, because the next Christmas he purchased me an audio interface that came with a DAW program called Cubase, which I have been winging it in since. 

I found this website around two or so years ago when I Googled something along the lines of 'online sequencer' or 'make music online' or something like that. Regardless, I only kinda looked at it here and there, and only with the making of this account have really tried to use it. I have to say, I'm a little surprised how small the community here is considering how cool of a tool this site actually is for music makers, both beginning and experienced. I hope to make some neat tunes that people will enjoy, and further my composin' skills and all that. 

Love ya everyone <3
welcome to the site, love the positivity