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Full Version: SiIvafy It!
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SiIvafy it!

So, who here has heard of the channel SiIvagunner? He's a Youtuber that "only uploads high quality video game rips" (as he claims, that is). However, upon listening to some of his rips, you might notice that there is something a bit off about them. You see, SiIvagunner takes soundtrack pieces and replaces theme with other songs (making the song he replaces the soundtrack piece with styled like and/or using the same instruments as the original soundtrack piece). The song that he replaces the soundtrack piece with is referred to as the "joke" of the video.

The point of this game is to SiIva-fy someone's sequence, that is, edit it so that it is replaced with another song while still keeping the same feel as the original sequence. The way this game will work is that first, I'll post a sequence to be SiIvafied, then, someone can SiIvafy that song and post it to this thread, as well as posting their own song to be SiIvafied. This cycle can continue, and people can also try to guess the jokes of the SiIvafied sequences as well.

Here are some example sequences so you can see what I mean by SiIvafying a sequence:




Can you try and guess the jokes? Some sequences might have more than one! Also, feel free to share any examples where you SiIvafied a song!
(Apr 5, 2018)
...This is my favourite siivagunner meme

[Image: latest?cb=20180105001415]
....Bonus points for spotting "the lick"
And..... I forgot to post a sequence, hec. Well, let's start out simple!

I'm excited to see what whoever decides to SiIvafy it does!