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Full Version: Game: Writing A Story
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The game is going to be a cooperative story-telling game. People will comment to add to the story. However, there's a twist: only one word per person/comment.

1.) There are only five (5) rules total; All of them must be followed.
2.) You MUST read all the rules before playing the game
3.)Only strictly one word per comment. {Try to avoid too many people commenting at the same time or it might be confusing.}
3.)Only strictly one sentence per comment. Sentences can be as short as one word, can be sentence fragments, and can end mid-sentence. Sentences must not be too long or run-on, mind your grammar. {Try to avoid too many people commenting at the same time or it might be confusing.}
4.) Words and phrases should be relatively coherent; Do not purposely create paradoxical/erroneous syntax/grammar; Do not purposely negate someone; Do not purposely make an extra long sentence by not adding periods or by (correctly) using more than three semicolons.
5.) No placing more than one sentence in one comment; Once a period is placed there shall be no more characters; No placing more than two comments in a row.
Tip: Read up on whats going on in the story before commenting so that it makes sense. If the story ever gets really big, at least read the last sentence or two.

*Important Tip* - if the forum is complaining that your word is too short, place underscores around your word like ___this___. Or, if you know BBcode, you can use empty bbCode commands.
Words can be as few as 4 or even 1 letter like "a" or "I." If you really want to, you can add a second word after "a" or "I." What's the worst I can do, delete the forum?
(I probably won't delete it unless it goes horribly wrong).

Q&A About this forum:
Q1.) What is the purpose of this post?
A1.) I have no idea.

Q2.) Is the aim to make a good story, or just a weird / funny story?
A2.) no clue

Q3.) What is the theme of the story?
A3.) no idea / not limited to one theme

Q4.) Is anyone actually gonna think this is a good idea?
A4.) probably not

Q4.) How many comments is one person allowed?
A4.) howeve' many you want, bb, just as long as you don't write more than like two in a row.

Q5.) Can you add punctuation?
A5.) Yes. You can add it after your word, and if you want, you can even add some punctuation in front of a word, all in the same comment (if it's coherent).
E.g: You can force a sentence to end (by putting a period first), and then add a word. If you want to, put a comma after the same word.
(Punctuation does not count as a "letter," so you can add as much of it as you want, so long as it's grammatically correct)

Rules Change Log
Original Post Created: 5/30/2019
Additional Comments: 5/31/2019 - Comments on how to make a small word in the comments; Q and A added.
New Sentence Rule Update: 8/20/2019 - Added the Rules Change Log; Deleted and re-created rule 3. Re-worded rule 4 and 5.

Starting The Game
I'll start by typing in the first word of the story, and then the first person to comment can type in the next word.

First Word:

per (apparently there's a 5 character reply limit, so disregard this)
the (h)
of ..
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