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Full Version: Corrupt a Wish
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Granted, but you give up three thirds in.
I wish I could have a Hauptwerk console installed in my home.
granted, but you can no longer download MIDIs

i wish Nendoroids were cheaper
Granted, but you will be tortured every 3 days
I wish that I would have 1000 £ every day
Granted, but it only goes towards your life insurance and someone in your family will murder you in a year from now.

I wish no one would take me outside.
Wish granted! You are gifted a straitjacket and a padded cell 'till death comes for you.

I wish I could finally learn to fly..
Granted, but you'll only do it for 1 minute before you crash and die on impact.

I wish I could be the smartest person in the world.
Granted! The crushing popularity you will receive will force you to give up all privacy or forever be a hermit. Also, you  can't enjoy puzzles anymore.

I wish oatmeal raisin cookies didn't look like chocolate chip cookies,because i keep confusing the two.
Granted, but you will be shot in the head.
I wish that I could resurrect my late loved ones.
thassa lama way to corrupt a wish B, that's got nothing to do with the wish ; < ;

Granted, but you must give up years of your life to add to theirs. EX -10 years for you,+10 years for them.

I wish I knew more about chords.
Granted, you can now intelligently look at this image below.

[Image: 1200px-Chord_in_mathematics.svg.png]

I wish I had more music to listen to.
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