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Full Version: Corrupt a Wish
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Wish granted, however...
You become a pole dancer but everyone despises you of your acts...

better luck next time

I wish I could teleport anywhere
Granted but you have to use Ender Pearls (they hurt you every time).

I wish I could once again be motivated enough to make real music.
Granted, but you run out of ideas for real music.

I wish an accordion was added on OS.
(06-27-2019, 06:15 PM)Kurtch Wrote: [ -> ]I wish an accordion was added on OS.

Granted, but it's soundfont is worse than even the old electric guitar.

I wish I could make sequences faster.
Granted but you have to do it on the laggiest computer in the world so you can't play them. Also, you forgot all the instruments as if you've never heard of them before.

I wish I had infinity dollars and could spend it anywhere.
Wish granted, but due to inflation, in your country, they are worthless

I wish I didn't have to make a wish
Granted but the only thing anyone else asks is what's your wish so you can't talk to anyone.

I wish a portal would open in my backyard
Wish granted, but a wither skeleton gives you wither II for 26 seconds a few times. You are now dead.

I wish the stuff wouldn't fall out of tacos as much without use of glue or freezing them.
Granted but instead, your furniture walks around and steals your taco. Then they run away with it. And they stole your computer too. And your phone. And all your food. And all your money. Now to you want your taco to fall apart? Too late.

I wish I could time travel
Granted, but you can only time travel 1 second at a time.

I wish more people were actually clever when corrupting a wish.
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