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Full Version: Corrupt a Wish
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Somebody corrupt my wish
Granted, it always focuses on butter.

I wish late 2018 never happened.
granted, but now the events of 9-11 will happen ten times over, and each time 10 times more people will die than each previous time.

i wish i could get my life together
Granted, but you loose all semblance to humanity 

I wish that I had a special talent
Granted, that special talent is licking doorknobs with higher IQs.

I wish I wasn't blatantly told the title of this song.
hah, nice try.
Wish ' granted* ' ... but now you can't have a normal conversation on OS anymore. Everyone who talks to you only ever responds blatantly with the title of the sequence, and nothing more.
(*P.S. This game is hypothetical, I can give you a hypothetical idea of a possible reality, and a hypothetical way to corrupt that hypothetical reality, nothing more. Moreover, I mean to say that I cannot identify that song, despite all of my very sincere hypothetical efforts.)

I wish I had a mustard stash
Yer genie misunderstood you, now you sport an evergrowing mustard 'stache

I wish I could teleport
Granted. You are in a wall

MTN-HNG has died of suffocation

I wish mainstream stuff didn't suck
D a S D a r k

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