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Full Version: Corrupt a Wish
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Uhhh... Ok?
Granted, everything else sucks.

I wish this wish were ruins instead of being ruined.
You have broken the system.
You're wishing for something that creates a paradox: ruins are already ruined, which, in one way, curses the second part of your wish ("instead of being ruined.") But by becoming "ruins" which are by nature already ruined, this also grants your wish at the same time, which creates a paradox.

Therefore, your wish is granted, but rest of the universe is destroyed due to an eternal paradox created by the fact that your wish is both granted and also still cursed at the same time.

I wish that someone else could write a wish for me.
Granted, that impossible song somehow morphs into character form and writes your wish, wishing that you knew the song. It in itself is an impossible being that nobody knows, and strolling around the mall for a name. It's out for blood and going CRAZY.

I wish not to be put in the Matrix.
Granted, but you are already in the Matrix and therefore your wish has no effect.

I wish Kurt Buchanan were dead.
Granted, but you won't know if he died, as you died before him

I wish you couldn't corrupt this wish
Granted, but I've got my Clentaminator filled to the brim with Purple solution, and I'm aimed precisely on your comment Sir.

I wish to disappear from the grid
Granted, except for one stubborn pixel.

I wish the servers were working again.
Granted, but for two seconds

I wish i had a better computer
Granted, you now have the world's best and fastest performing gaming computer ever built in the history of all time. Unfortunately, the space aliens you got it from wanted both of your arms in return. Now you have a computer, but no arms with which to to play on it.

I wish I didn't have to go to school
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