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Full Version: 1st Annual Battle of the Beats First Round
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i think you meant "kurtch", not "kartch" (in the list of participants
(07-01-2019, 12:35 PM)RasPazGD Wrote: [ -> ]i think you meant "kurtch", not "kartch" (in the list of participants

I thought the same thing but there seems to be someone called karch
it's ya boi

The voting thing said

The following page could not be loaded because:
I'd rather not you worry about that just yet. I'll fix it later. There is a set time for voting so I'll announce when the voting time happens and when it doesn't
are we allowed to change the key of the original sequence
can you do grid commands
Fine. You can do anything to the song except add anything other then drums and extend it. Pitch shift, grid commands are all fine. Just ONLY add drums and not other instruments
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