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Full Version: What am I?
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It's simple. One person describes something, then the other person guesses what it is, describes something else, and so on.

Person 1: I am fuzzy and have four legs. I purr when I'm happy. What am I?
Person 2: Cat. I'm green, rectangular, and have the number 100 on me. Everyone wants me. What am I?
Person 3: Hundred dollar bill. Microwave me and I'll blow up, or when there's a fire, grab me and save the day.
Person 4: Fire extinguisher. (describe something else)
And so on. Here's your first riddle:

Turn me on while there's a fire extinguisher inside me and KABOOM! Or, use me to melt a stick of butter. Or, use me to heat up your mashed potatoes. Or, use me to defrost something. I am in your kitchen. What am I?

The word has seven letters; It preceded God, is greater than God, more evil than the devil - poor people have it, rich people need it, and if you eat it, you shall cause your untimely demise.

I am small, but incredibly huge
An obsidian monolith in a list of epics
1990 served me well
And I tell you, my friend of misery
I was created with a god, the god that failed
So don't tread on me
For I am holier than thou
I carry the struggle within
Do you?
Or will you remain...

The black album

I always follow my brother, although very different we are. You can see him, but not me. You can hear me, but not him. What am I?
lightning and thunder

It has a neck but no head
Headless horseman

I am feared by all
Yet I have done nothing
I feel I am young, like the pictures in the books
And my memory is gone
All around a forest, trapping me forever
I long to escape this ungodly castle

Up is where I must go
And I have gone
To the top of the tower
Along the hall to the room
People, yes people
Finally I see the other people!
Oh no!
They all have run away
And then I saw it
A monster too hideous for description
Yet I could not run
Frozen by fear
And when I touched it, it followed my movement
I felt the cold hard glass.
Beast from beauty and the beast?

I'm the first in earth,
I'm the second in search.
I happen once a year,
I happen twice a week.
Even though I'm in the middle of the sea.

What am I?
Nope, close though.

Its not that obvious

I am the universal consumable,
Always in motion,
Always in short supply,
Unpredictable, Unstoppable, Unavoidable,
An omnipotent force, strong enough
to grow forests and break the ground,
the currency of life, the carrier of light,
a magnificent river in which all of existence
maneuvers and functions on.
The answer was The Outsider from H.P. Lovecraft's The Outsider
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