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Full Version: 2019 July Monthly Contest
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[Image: avatar_2740.png?dateline=1556629097]Hello Online Sequencer! It's time to announce the 2019 July Monthly Contest!

This one is quite special, as it is the 2018 winner's theme choice contest! In this contest, try and create the best sequence you can while using only the 13 original instruments!

These instruments are:
  • Electric Piano
  • Grand Piano
  • Acoustic Guitar
  • Drum Kit
  • Smooth Synth
  • Electric Guitar
  • Bass
  • Synth Pluck
  • Scifi
  • French Horn
  • Trombone
  • Violin 
  • Cello

In addition, the volume sliders, reverb function, and delay function are strictly prohibited, and using any of these will cause your entry to be immediately disqualified.

General Information

The entry period is from 7/1 ~ 7/21 (11:59 PM EST) this time as it has started later. Winners will be announced on 7/31!

While we will post general notes on every contest, please refer to the Monthly Contest announcement thread for more details on Monthly Contests themselves.
  • Entry limit of 2 sequences per person.
  • Committee members are allowed to enter the contests, but will not enter their example sequence nor will they vote for their own entry.
  • Sequences made prior to the current Monthly Contest are allowed, although we don’t entering the same sequence in different Monthly Contests is not.
  • Making a remix of an existing song is allowed.
  • Editing an entry after the entry period is strictly prohibited and will result in that entry being disqualified.
  • Collaborations on entries are allowed, but any points that the piece might receive are divided up equally between the contributors.
  • The standard Online Sequencer Rules will apply and any entries violating a rule will automatically be disqualified.

Have fun making music like how it was back in late 2015 until mid 2017!
Only OGs know the struggle.
Unfortunately it's even harder now that some instruments are louder than before.
Is it necessary to use the 13 instruments?
(07-01-2019, 08:26 AM)The Newlstoon Wrote: [ -> ]Is it necessary to use the 13 instruments?

You're able to use any of the 13 instruments above, regardless of you using all of them or not, but any instrument that's not listed is prohibited.
Hmm... I think I can do this one...
Kinda tempting just to submit the John Cena cover I made with all the OG instruments back when I was new
(07-01-2019, 08:14 AM)JHXC Wrote: [ -> ]Only OGs know the struggle.
Unfortunately it's even harder now that some instruments are louder than before.

I've adjusted the default volumes for all instrumentst be approximately equal since adding the sliders. Now you can decide for yourself what is foreground or what is background. Not great for this contest though, I'd recommend allowing volume changes.
My best sequences were made with the original instruments before the major updates, so this is my field.

Dohemi, a surf song I made re-created in MIDI.

still maybe wip for now
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