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Full Version: Funniest Design Fails!
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On This Thread, Post the funniest design fails you've ever come across! Here are some examples:
[Image: Help-Wanted-and-Now-Hiring-ads-019.jpg]
Now you all know what you gathered here for...
[Image: 5948ccfbc2f23_weyqmxhu2g0z__605.jpg]
You all can guess what the name of this Hotwheels car is called.....
[Image: 2davxnfyu5511.jpg]
Did you know that there's a whole subreddit for this? It's called r/crappydesign
Yes, thats where I got some of these
[Image: funny-design-fails-16-5912cb6ef34db__605.jpg]
This thread is for the funniest ones from there and maybe other sites. or you can look for one yourself
One time, (and no I dont have a picture), at my Junior high, there is this old sign that said: "In Case Of Fire, Dont use elevator, use stairs", and there was a picture of a guy walking down stairs, but the thing is, he was walking straight into fire!
I have a 3d pen that is full of fails
(07-18-2019, 06:42 AM)Gr8Studios_Music Wrote: [ -> ]I have a 3d pen that is full of fails

Do I want to know?
Yeesh! XD
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