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Full Version: Guess the game title
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Simple: I will give clues on the title of a game, maybe a splash of info on the game itself. If someone gets it wrong, nothing happens.

Note that this game is not meant to be an ad


Let's say the game title I'm describing is game1.

If someone says game2 and the next person says game3, nothing happens until someone actually answers game1.
Once someone gets it correct, I will try to log on in time and tell them yes that's correct, then think of another game and make clues for that one, just don't mind if I'm a little late. Ok?

Sorry if it's confusing.

3... 2... 1...
...First description!

This title has two words, the first word starts with C and ends with G, and the second word starts with S and ends with R. It was released on the 6th of some month in 2019. The release date was delayed a lot. You can play it normally, or you can goof around. If you goof around then it can be the funniest game ever. And, unfortunately, my graphics card barfed on it when I bought it and tried to run it. The main menu just went zzap and froze because my computer was nowhere near the minimum requirements, which I can't remember exactly what they are. It costs $19.99 (yes it's expensive) unless it's on sale. It was on sale for $17.99 when it was first released.

3... 2... 1...

...Start guessing!