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Full Version: Kalite Team ~ Takes Requests
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Kalite is a team that creates music on Online Sequencer, we're pretty good with requests and will very often be accepting them! Smile We sometimes use imported midis and then switch them around or make them from scratch. We take popular pop music requests but we also might take other genres or different music. If you want to make a request for Kalite to make then you request on our website and we'll look over the song if you post a thread and make the song for you. Smile Our website is
Could you do Focus by Chipzel? That would be greatly appreciated :D
My request: Toto - Africa, great song
My Request is
Avenged Sevenfold - Afterlife
pretty heavy but cool Tounge
could you make it?
I know it's been SIX YEARS, but are you still taking requests? If so, could you do Monsoon by Tokio Hotel?

here's a video: