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Full Version: Metronome?
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Hi just discovered this site and love it so far! Is there no metronome to go with the BPM?
No, but take a look at the A2 and A#2 notes for the percussion instruments.
I will oftentimes create a metronome beat with the percussion instrument when I am trying to make or recreate a song with a more difficult rhythm scheme, like Mystic's sequence, or like this: (4/4th beat in this case)
Making your own metronome beat pattern can be especially useful when making a song that doesn't necessarily fit with the default beat grid, for example, the cover I made of the song "The Cover is not the Book" from Mary Poppins Returns (link below). Note that the metronome (red notes) at the bottom of the sequence are placed with two notes between each other (rather than following the default [4/4th] grid pattern, which is with three notes in between)