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Full Version: Greetings
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Hi everyone!

I'm new here and really enjoy this program.

I came here because since my vision is poor, I can't transcribe music very well and turn it into a midi or the like that way.

With this, I can do so by audio, and I love it.
  • I'm a monocular college student studying Visual Communications with a concentration in Graphic Art/Design. I started playing the violin in middle school and still continue to this day albeit not as much. I learned piano in high school - though self-taught. 
  • I enjoy playing video games and writing stories. The game I'm playing most right now is Warframe.
  • I have a pupper named Brynhildr. She's very sweet and cuddly (Oreo colored Goldendoodle). I also had a cat named Merry, but...
  • I have severe social anxiety, and possibly am on the spectrum. However, I try not to let these things interfere with my life. I greatly prefer text chat over the human conversation (face-to-face) because I can't hear people laughing and saying mean things through my screen.
  • I normally let others come to me first to engage in contact so I like forums where I can express myself instead of feeling like I'm out of place.

If you want to connect, feel free to. I'm rather open to trying to meet new people, but I can't say I will easily. I'm awkward when it comes to continuing conversations - I get distracted by my thoughts.