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Full Version: Time Schemes / Time Signatures
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Someone please answer me this:
What's the difference between these two sequences?
Is there an explanation other than just "one has a tempo of 74 and the other has a tempo of 240"?


Specifically, I want to know the technical, musical difference between them
(e.g. does one have a time signature of 3/4ths while the other has a time signature of 6/8ths? Or is it 4/4ths ... ?)
(I personally do not know the answer, but was wondering if someone else did).
(Sorry, I should have posted this under general music composition)
From what I can see, both of them are in 2/4; the second one has just been compacted to a much smaller scale. Also, at some times, the second one is awkward and out of time, which may have caused some confusion.