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Full Version: Accumulation
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The point of Accumulation is simple. By adding an amount to your score equal to your post number, try and get the highest score. No double posting.


  1. EarthWyrm (1)
Wait, so do you mean I start with 1 but since I am the second comment I add 2?
Or am just 2?
Confirm or elaborate.

2. Firebolt (1+2) = (3)
3. Alex! (3)

Or this is just The Last Game
4. Kirbyderp (5)

Sir_guy didn't count a score for himself.
Oh please, I need not a score, for, like my genre, the nuber would change a bit
EarthWyrm: 8
Kirbyderp: 13
Alex! (3+9) 12
I am confused.
I am very confused.

But I will still attempt!
Firebolt391d ( [alex's accum]+ [my previous accumulated value from my previous comment] ) = (12+3) = 15

((((or would it simply be 1+[the comment number that is this comment] = 1+10=11?))))