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Full Version: Daily Life of ABY55
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This will be a thread where I talk about things that go on in my life. This thread will help you get to know me better. Feel free to comment on what I say.

To start off... 

I hope I do not get my pc taken away tomorrow. My princapal says that I was looking up adult stuff when they where actualy ads. The ads where not even that explicit. Last year, there was 150 pages of what he claims to be "innapropriate sites" when they where just somewhat explicit ads. How does he expect me to jump from like 20 sites in just 30 seconds? How fast does he think these computers can be? It would take about 5 to 10 seconds to get to a simple website. I cannot hack these computers without getting caught by the IT. 

Also, it doesn't help that my internet is different from the school's. I go on a school-friendly site at school with ads like insurence and cars and when I get home, the ads on it are completely different from before. There is no way I can prevent them from popping up and I am unable to install any ad blockers due to restrictions. The blocked things clearly say "ad" in the adress and the princapal thinks they are sites. How explicit? Well here is an example that was found on bing with SafeSearch on STRICT:

[Image: th?id=OIP.WrG2WLIdZeUzkQAwXzJ55wHaKg&w=1...=5&pid=1.7]
A pictures like this where blocked and I got in trouble in which the princapal said I was lying about not going on adult sites but they where ads. Also, he said that my mom, who actually agreed with me and was monitoring me while I was on my computer, was "with me and my lies." Please tell me what you think and tell me some things I should say if I have to go to his office.
* School uses AdBlockerBlocker

Seriously, why is AdBlocker not allowed???
The reason is at home, the ads are sent to your ISP and are a result of all users of the network. The only things you can try if they are really being a problem are a VPN/TOR, a private ISP, or if you can convince everyone in your house to not be on those sites or not use any google products
Show your principal your browser's history. Every browser should have a list of sites you've been to.
On Google Chrome, the short-key is ctrl+h

If you've been to sites that are perfectly fine, then you can show them with the browser history.
If the sites you have been to truly are more trivial/perhaps slightly explicit or note-worthy as being unsafe, then maybe not.
But it's a suggestion.