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Full Version: The sweet dreams chain
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Sweet dreams but I put kahoot music over it, but I fixed the tempo but I added Joker's gun, but I added the Tainted Love clap but I added the crab rave shaker & I added the Hawaii five-o drum-fill and orange justice with baldly timed ching ching Thomas the tank engine holy moly that's a long title (aka. Why has god abandoned us), while Digging straight down in Minecraft, while trying to poorly sing along while whispering, while trying not to get gnomed, but I added the intro from "It Wasn't Me" by Shaggy plus a badly edited boom chakka chakka baby is here," and it is a bruh moment, but my computer couldn't ducking handle it; with the grand additions of Ethan Klein and Jack Stauber, but everything is satisfyingly aligned and mixed & Knuckles and I dig in minecraft, but I added a picture of my guinea pig Buddy and the bandicam watermark and a movavi watermark and it's also surprisingly inspirational as cutiefly dances to it all, but i added AmazingPhil dabbing, but I added Shrek shouting "DONKEY!" in the background, but it errors a lot, but I added the Ra Ra Rasputin clap and fixed it so it sounds half decent added Space Jam bit I added sans ost and sans dancing default dance even filmora watermarks and filmora things and then thanos snap then hulk brings back gen-3, then Ricardo joins the party and learns how to become an epic gamer, then I added SMB cover, but He Man is a back up singer, but Big Band plays through the song while Squigly sings/dances(?) along, but i Gun synced it, but I added the spider man ass slap and filthy frank while Obi-Wan "Helloes There" with the pirate from 1700s shanties and Léo Stronda softens meat and Gabe the dog hosts meme review while DiePewPie go clap clap and you ruined the Kahoot Franchise , but I add meows from Markiplier's video MEOW and Waluigi, but the despacito spider from roblox is here and makes some unsettling scuttling noises in various other clips (while also repeating the roblox death sound every time the main singer emphazizes a word), but Bob Ross beats the devil out of it and Micheal_P screams near the end. There's also a xylophone and the KTANE alarm and there's more cowbell and it sounds better. Then I fixed everything and officially added Miku and included Aniki,Daft Punk and Space Jam,Loud nigra screaming and number 15, burger king foot lettuce which is the last thing you'd want in your burger king burger. Then Lobtser and UnderMineBlox collaborated to fix Season 1, while also adding background dancers to Season 2, but I added Solid Snake death sounds and the clap of his asscheeks, and Pendulum, Dancin’, and creeper (aw man), but Ness and his friends kidnap Waluigi cause baby tonight we’re losing at It’s Not Jackie Chan and winning at Kahoot” but it’s the answer to life, the universe, and everything with monsters and a guy getting decked in the head, and Keanu gives his E3 press conference, while Soulja Boy creates another terrible knockoff video game console, while you’re mining at night with your kitchen gun, all while Lil Pump becomes Kanye West's apostle, but then i added warframe's "We all lift together" and an audio visualizer as Excalibur dashes around and Eleanor Forte, Pingu, Billie Eilish and Miles Morales join into sing but it has more JoJo and it's a Super Mario Maker 2 music level with baby yoshi singing to it and a warp whistle all while Agent 47 beats a guy to a pulp but it's Buddy's Bizzare Adventure ft. Kokichi Oma and Banjo-Kazooie, but Ganar_2000 The great & Donnukurniawan collabed to add PvZ 1 And PvZ 2 sounds, and anime with Waters of Nazareth mixed in there some where. And also snow halation somewhere... {A fatal exception OE has occured at 0028:C562F1B7 in VXD ctpci9x(05)} but donald Trump badly conducts the music while steve default dances and Michael Jackson moonwalks, and bongo cat drums away in the background with rockefeller street stuffed in there too, and Yung Venus and Melting have a duel.