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Full Version: Why Raiding Area 51 is a Horrible Idea.
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With Area 51 holding classified info, there is no telling what is within those walls. Most think that there is some extraterrestrial stuff inside but they would have let people in by now. I mean, what is the point of hiding something that tons of people already know about? Well, I say that you all are wrong about the alien stuff. There have to be something more serious than that. I think that they are guarding something that would kill us all if someone got ahold of it. Maybe it could be a mysterious element that cannot be explained. Whatever it is, it is worth opening fire to anybody who dares to invade. But most of all, what if all of this was just a joke? Area 51 is most likely just another military base and people are making stuff up. People are just trespassing on military grounds. Would you shoot someone for invading a military base if you worked there? Although, my dad was in the airforce and he said that he thinks there are things there that could destroy the US or the entire world if it got in the wrong hands. Who knows.

post what you think.
Something you are SUPPOSED to learn in childhood, is rules are made for a reason. If it was safe, it wouldn't be contained.
something, i learned, as a chld, was, that rules, were made, to be used, against me