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i learnt something new last week

drogen = drugs in german
tmw conlanger

A long word from a language I made myself.


"Drizzle(ing) that is wished to not have happened, even though it has already occurred."


"smolalo" actually means "little sky water"

Here's a more in-depth gloss.

First, we start with "smolalolĩ". This is the root, and it is a verb.
"to drizzle"
Next, we apply "na-", which negates the root into:
"to not drizzle"
Then, we apply "-pa", which puts the tense in the past:
and "-pol" which means the speaker wants that action to occur. (usually an irrealis mood) So in conjunction, "-papol" means something that the speaker wished hadn't happened.
"drizzle that is wished to not have happened even though it had"
Finally, we apply "-ci", which turns our verb into a noun. (not exactly a gerund because the same suffix is used to turn adjectives into nouns)
"drizzle(ing) that is wished to not have happened, even though it has already occurred"
I'll do everything I can to help you find the best translation methods and so on. Because many people have difficulty with this, but I already know what to do and where to find a specialized translation. For example, I'm aware that they can simply translate english to spanish and that the process is quick and straightforward. I hope I was of assistance and that everyone benefited from it.
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