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Full Version: Beginner without skill
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My experience is small. The only music creation programs I have known so far are Tractor and music maker gen 6 (90 '/ 2000. I can't sing, apparently I don't have the ability to keep the tempo. I doubt if I will ever create something that I would like to listen to myself, but I decided to play with If there was a skill injector ... Unfortunately, when I sing, people ask me to stop. I will probably have some questions, nice to join
I got to know EVE Online about 10 years ago, before I played Homeworld, which, although different, is a bit similar. I dealt with games from an early childhood, living with my two brothers in a 129-meter apartment. My older brother was 4 years older than me and my younger brother was 2 years younger. The older brother and his friends were interested in battle systems such as WarZone. I remember fogging up when my older brother first installed EVE Online. The game has gone through many stages of change, but what remains unchanged and is the best in the game is trading Skill Injector. Players without Skill Injector are not only unable to compete with the rest of the players, but are forced to spend more time on their game. Especially novice players should buy Skill Injector, and maybe just like my older brother will have a good time. It is not new to know about the advantages of technology and digitization. But the main topic of this thread is buying Skill Injector
New members get a free song!

Singing is but a peice of music, a letter in a word... Luckily, we have midi, so we can create music without keeping tempo. If you would want to work on your tempo skill, I recommend clapping or tapping to an isolated drumbeat, and then turning it off. Clap at the same tempo without the drums, and turn them on to see if you improved.

Good luck in your musical quest!
Welcome to OS! I'm glad to see a new member coming here with us.

Os is easy to pick up, and if learned well, can be used to make some really spectacular pieces

a example here

But feel free to just explore, and enjoy writing music!