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Full Version: Your Childhood Music?
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I'm curious to find out what you used to listen to in your childhood / teenage years, so feel free to share some songs! Smile
Probably the openings to every noggin show in existence.

Along with the opening to Kipper and Elmo's World.


I listened to all sorts of things growing up, but in terms of video game music, Grant Kirkhope was half of my childhood.
"Come on, come on and meet the elements..."

I really loved TMBG.
i used to listen to some edm artists when i was just a fox pup
Sure, pokemon was good, but that digimon theme song as well tho.
Also, once I had discovered the internet, kirby music, because obviously.
All the music from mario 64 DS, Mario & Luigi RPG's (Bowser's inside story and Partners in time), Mario Galaxy music, Kirby Superstar Ultra Music and other Mario music
(11-06-2019, 12:51 PM)Julesvpraag Wrote: [ -> ]Kirby Superstar Ultra Music

When I was in my single-digit years, my father had broad taste of music so for some days I would hear him blast v-pop. Then on another day, he would select easy listening music such as Michael Bublé and Andrea Bocelli. There were days in which he played Bollywood songs which I thought was very out of place in my house. That is what I heard for many years. As for my own preferences during those years, I usually liked whatever was on the radio, specifically the WKSC-FM station. It was hard to avoid pop music. I heard it in the big-box stores, at school, at the dentist's office.

Besides that, I had some CDs that contained ripped music from Clubland albums and compilations of electronic music. So I was into dance, trance, progressive house, progressive trance. This then led me to explore other genres of electronic music such as dubstep and electro house in my teenage years.
Led Zeppelin
Deep Purple
Black Sabbath
Pink Floyd
A little Frank Sinatra
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