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Full Version: Repeater
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Can you add something like that?

So we can add A and B to spesific locations and enter a loop number, so player repeats those parts and continues playing.(like A-B repeating) That would be great.

Some algorithms i can think about it:

New objects named "repeater-A" and "repeater-B".

RepeaterA object contains two vars, "pos" and "repeaterBpos". pos is position and repeaterBpos is the position of the repeaterB object.

RepeaterB object contains "pos", "repeaterApos", "loopCount", "looped"

"loopCount" is the user defined loop count. "loopLeft" is counter of how many times that part looped. This will reset to 0 everytime we start playing.

When player hits a repeaterB object,

if( playerB.looped < playerB.loopCount )
player.goTo( repeaterB.repeaterApos );
if you want to repeat something
copy it and paste it
it will sound the same
as you have put there a repetiton