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Full Version: new guy introduction
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Hi I'm wamgamaham. Not a musician but have long tried to be. Lotta questions about the sequencer and the site. How do I delete my earlier sequences that got saved under the same title? The only way i can distinguish between the partial compositions and my final one is by note -count.

Also is anyone else having problems with instrument tracks not showing up on the playbacks? My main guitar melody track doesn't show up but all its accompaniments do.

Btw, my first ever multi-instrumental composition was done here and it's called 'The Walk' by wamgamaham. Any feedback or comments much appreciated.
I'll be sure to leave feedback on your song.

You should check out these links to learn the site.

I also made this tutorial a while back
Hello Werban, I'm Jav3linJok3r67
This site has a lot for you to explore. As for the questions, have the mods help you with those. They can relay you any information as long as it's within normal standards. If there's anything else you need, such as guide or helping you change your Profile Picture, I am more than willing to help you.