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Full Version: How to embed a video in a forum or forum comment
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How to embed a video in a forum or forum comment

step 1. copy video link
step 2. go to OS forum, make a new post
(Embedding videos can also be done in a comment by clicking 'preview post' below the comment box, or by doing a 'full edit' of your pre-existing comment or post)
step 3. in the editor click the video tape icon. A special little window will appear.
step 4. in the window, change the video type to youtube, (if video source is from yt,) and then paste url into the textbox below the drop down
step 5. press 'insert' - the bbcode text element will appear in the post/comment textbox

Another way to implement an embedded video is by memorizing the bbcode text format. The raw bbcode for this example is as follows:
Note: This kind of bbcode element has been disabled (or for some other reason simply does not work) for the regular chat section of the website.