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Full Version: Original artists name in song editor.
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I think that there should be a section to where if you uploaded or even made it from scratch you should be able to put your/original artist's name.
theres a title ( you can put the name there )
Stepson is correct. You can put your name in it like many users do so it's easy to search up (such as KITRIX - Song) and to edit.
And i wanna see song name in "sequences" list. I dont wanna open "top-week" list and click randomly. And "top" thing is based on view count but we click in that list mostly randomly and "top" songs are either advertised songs or songs that have some "character looking" notes on its start (I personally click all JAY2K sequences but please open monthly top songs list, ). And when i open a song, its still 1 view count. And if i ramdomly open a bad song, its still 1 view count.