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Full Version: Crimson Series
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I don't think anyone had found out, but some of my themes are actually made in series.
Just putting in this for fun, so you might be able to try and guess what these series are about. (+introducing a cover list)

Rules (for reference): 
1. must have a story.
2. stories must not include any real people. (which means, there are some about real people lying around in my profile. good luck finding them out)
3. must not include anything from unfinished projects. (there will be new ones coming out sometime soon)

*No Chronical Order (NCO) series can be listened to in any order as they are not specifically linked.

The obvious series:

Too damn obvious series:

Imagination series: (NCO)





Hatred series:

Hero Series: (NCO)
Day times:

CANDY MOUNTAIN: (how did I forget this one???)

(and it's variants...)