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Full Version: You get a superpower, but the user below you gets to pick side effects.
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It's pretty simple. You choose a power, but the user below you adds something that makes it bad. It has to be related to the power.

For me, it would be flying
except you get very motion sick every time you use it.

for me, it'd be reversing time
But you reverse with it, and you forget that you did.
absolutely nothing
but you gain 50 dollars every time you blink

mine would be to make everyone on OS happy
You can fly but only while masturbating (Thats not rain, THATS NOT RAIN!!!!
me, masturbating with a vibrator and a condom: HA!
Mine wud be the power of creation and destruction
beat that the best power
but anything you destroy instead turns into a hot dog, and anything you create will turn into a hot dog in 1 hour and nine minutes.
i wish to be able to alter any side effect
but the side effect you alter will become even worse

i wish to be able to change size at will
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