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Full Version: Composing 'Telephone' Game
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Hello everyone! I've come up with a Composing Game that I think people might like.
I'm looking for good composers who like to collab, or people who generally like to submit things in the contests.
(If you don't like reading, see the TLDR at the bottom.)

The Game
In this game, I will make a list of people who will be participating. Tell me down below if you want to be a part of this.
Next, I will arrange the list into turns. Each person will get one turn to add to a sequence.

What will happen is,
First, the very first person will make a sequence (probably only about 2 measures long, not too big).
Next, they will save that sequence to a local file, then send it to me via discord by sending my a DM in discord.
I will look through the sequence to make sure I like it (which I will), and then I will send that file to the next person in line.
The next person will add to that sequence for an extra ~2 measures, save it again as a local file, and then give it back to me in discord.

Then, I will moderate the file slightly. I will not change anything except I will get rid of the first person's music.
{You guys could probably do this yourselves as well, but I like to be there to moderate it to make sure its being done right.}
{I also need to make sure that nobody sees parts of the song that they aren't supposed to, and also that all parts of the song are saved somewhere until the very end.}

Then, I would give the modified sequence to the next person in the line, and repeat, until everyone has added.
And, to clarify, *Each time someone adds, I would modify it to get rid of the least recent additions.*
Lastly, I would take all of the different sequences and put them together and create one final piece.

It would be a giant collaboration, but here's the catch: It's created in such a way that people don't know how it began, so it will slowly evolve over time. It is similar to the fold-over stories game [<-click for link to explanation] (which there is surprisingly very little documentation about on the entire internet) except instead of a story, it is music.

Basically its a game of 'telephone' with music where people take turns writing and passing it back to me, with some extra overly-complicated moderation rules on top.

What do you guys think?
Is this something people might like to participate in? This thread is to get an idea for if people like the idea and also would you like to join if I started it?
Maybe later I will post a comment or a new thread that will show the list/turn order of all the people.

I'd participate if you want, but can I ask what you'd specifically do when you'd "moderate" the person's file (besides removing the least recent additions, of course)?
I'd be happy to participate in this. it sounds like a lot of fun
(02-28-2020, 03:08 PM)Kirbyderp Wrote: [ -> ]I'd participate if you want, but can I ask what you'd specifically do when you'd "moderate" the person's file (besides removing the least recent additions, of course)?

The only thing that I would do is, like I said in the post, completely delete the section of notes that was placed at the beginning of the sequence.
To answer your question simply, no other changes will occur other than deleting the most recent additions.

I like to visualize things, so I wrote this up:
If it helps to visualize it, the very first person would write measures 1, 2, and 3.
I won't "moderate" this one at all, since it is the very first.

Then the second person makes notes on measures 4, 5, 6, and 7.
This time when they give it back to me, what I'll do is I'll simply delete measures 1, 2, and 3. I might also select all notes and drag them to the beginning so that there is no large gap at the beginning. So the next person who writes can only hear what one previous person wrote, and nothing else. That way, the music might change to a completely different style along the way.

No additional editing will occur, just deleting of notes, and dragging everything backwards. Nothing will be added, and I hope to preserve everything that everyone adds. And I will save everything. When everyone has contributed, I will place everything back together, and it will make a big song.

I hope this helps answer your question Kibry!
Count me in
I'll participate!
I'll participate
Okay guys great!
Looks like we have quite a few people:
Alex, Mr_Magicman2, Kirby, Crimson, Pricerocks, Stuffy, Eugene, and also Guest have all agreed to join. I will randomize the list and begin sending the first iteration out!

Thanks you guys, I'm excited to see how this turns out.
Alrighty then!
The time has come where I have finally finished this project.

The people included are Alex, Crimson, Kirbyderp, Pricerocks, Guest, Etherbot, Stuffy McStuffins, and for the final iteration, I myself finished off the song once and for all.

I apologize to EugeneAirRick and Mr_Magicman2. Thank you both for volunteering, but in the final couple of weeks I had trouble finding you on discord, and I personally was becoming a little too excited to see what the sequence would sound like fully compiled.

I will say that I did make that final ending portion by using a small couple of notes (a melodic motif) that was originally introduced in the song by Kirbyderp, and also re-used by Pricerocks, but this melody died out with Guest and Etherbot. In a sense, I kind of 'broke the rules' by adding this theme into my iteration, but alas, I think it kind of finalizes the song in a nice way.

So, here is, at long last.
Thank you all for participating! I hope you like it!
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