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Full Version: Hi there!
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So i'm Pyreice,i'm not very good at these introductions and usually end up ripping off something from an anime/manga for these.I probably won't talk to much in the forums,but i'll be busy using the sequencer.
I'm probably mostly going to be making background music for the Pokemon Megacrossover Nextgen fangame i'm thinking of making if i stop procrastinating,but i might try to reproduce background music from anime and other games if i feel like it,or just mess around with the diffrent instruments.
I have a dog[Jade],three cats[Two kittens named Himiko and Gingerbread and our oldest,a 3-year-old Arabian Mau named Cello],a turtle[Daryl],a rescue Chinchilla[Stormcloud],a Bearded Dragon[Julius] and i'v been thinking of getting a Platy Fish or two.If you count the crickets we keep to feed Julius though i'd probably have a lot more then just 7 pets.
I like gardening,sculpting,sewing,anime and manga,fish[the food],and video games.
So hello there!
Hello PyreIce!
Welcome to OS!

I hope this site helps you!
You might find people to talk to in the Chat tab, if you ever feel lonely. :)