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Full Version: My apology to Jacob_ and the rest of the Buildism/2DWorlds community
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Dear Jacob_ and other members of the Buildism/2DWorlds community,

For the Buildism/2DWorlds community as a whole: 

  1. I'm really sorry for attacking religion, making fun of it, and advocating for it's destruction.
  2. I'm really sorry for hating Club Penguin extensively and for advocating for it's raiding, trolling, and destruction as well.
  3. I'm really sorry for advocating to ride an explosive, including a nuclear weapon into Disneyland or other Disney theme parks, and otherwise advocating for terrorism.
  4. I'm really sorry for celebrating Steve Jobs' death, for talking about the sickening Mac vs Windows (ignorantly defined as PC) debacle/"wars", and for making a Justin Bieber joke about him.
  5. I'm really sorry for having chauvinist, racist, and hypocritical views as well, including advocating the invasion and destruction of North Korea by South Korea and the USA (and their allies), including with an objection meme.
  6. I'm really sorry for also bringing up some personal issues, such as what happened with this former classmate of mine in 2012, for talking about creepy things about her and with this one former friend of mine back in late 2015 and early 2016 (on Whalebar, KMania, Steam, and/or otherwise). Speaking of which, I have tried reaching out to my former classmate of 2012 to apologize to her (last year), but I did not get any response (bad, good, and/or otherwise). However, I did reach out to my former friend (and her family) multiple times back in 2018 and 2019 multiple times, including once in person to her, and she forgave me back in May of last year.
  7. I'm really sorry for blaming my poor behavior on my younger brother or my cousins, although my younger brother did create at least one account on Buildism/2DWorlds back in 2011-2013, and got banned shortly afterwards.

Jacob_, I am really sorry for raiding your websites, such as with Buildism, 2DWorlds, your personal Minecraft server (and it's website), and Vexillum. I'm really sorry for also involving (other) Robloxers to raid your sites, especially with Vexillum back in May of 2013 and June of 2013. I'm really sorry for the flame wars and trolling I caused, and that Ben/Myem used to have with me as well.

LOL/Myem, I'm really sorry for starting flame wars with you, let alone conducting flame wars with you, let alone making fun of your Mexican heritage. I'm really sorry for otherwise trolling you as well.

Oak/IcyIgloos, I am really sorry for using anti-semitic attacks (including supposed anti-Jewish and anti-Semitic "jokes") against you, for linking to a TOR link (on Buildism/2DWorlds and/or Twitter) which could have gotten you in trouble back in April or May of 2013 (and thus framing you) (for child pornography) (even though it was just a TOR link), and for otherwise trolling you.

If there is anything else I missed, I will add to and/or update this thread as well. I was a really awful human being as a child/an adolescent. Thank you all for reading this.


(09-12-2020, 11:49 AM)RuleEmpire Wrote: [ -> ]Video relevant

I would like to rate this funny, but whenever I rate a post, it always goes to an error.
No worries, I think everyone on buildism did dumb stuff. This site isn't any better.

Advocating the raiding, trolling, and destruction of Club Penguin was beneficial to society though. You were successful!
(09-12-2020, 06:23 PM)Jacob_ Wrote: [ -> ]No worries, I think everyone on buildism did dumb stuff. This site isn't any better.

Advocating the raiding, trolling, and destruction of Club Penguin was beneficial to society though. You were successful!

I agree, and even though I was under 18, especially early in my adolescence/later in my childhood, that still does not justify what I did. On top of that, as I have discussed before, I was born into an abusive and neglectful family and raised by them as well (a middle-classish one even!).

Looking back on it, advocating the raiding, trolling, and destruction of Club Penguin was incredibly crazy and dumb of me. I completely regret it, since Club Penguin is actually okay. There are currently Club Penguin private servers, along with Pirates of the Caribbean and Toontown Online servers out there as well.
isnt it weird how our reputation as we get older is based on our most immature years?
Also, SimonHeros has Steam, Tumblr, and Twitter accounts and speaking of which, I have started following SimonHeros' Twitter now.
(09-12-2020, 11:48 AM)fox Wrote: [ -> ]Facebook


(09-12-2020, 03:10 PM)2Bit Wrote: [ -> ]One thing still doesn't make sense to me.

What doesn't make sense to you? Can you please describe it?

(09-13-2020, 02:49 PM)PuzzlePuddles Wrote: [ -> ]Buildism?

Buildism was a 2D Sandbox game, which was inspired by the likes of Roblox, and was released (I believe) in December of 2010, but sadly the community died after April/May of 2013 due to flaming from LOL/Myem and I. Buildism was renamed 2DWorlds some time in 2012 or 2013.

Imagine how potential it and Vexillum could have had and/or still could have. (Archive from August 11, 2011) (Archive from January 15, 2013)
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