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Full Version: ironic sequence contest
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give me your best ironic sequence. this can be an inside joke, mimicked audio, intellect humor, etc. Here's some examples I made: . I have more ironic sequences but you can find them on your own if you want.

1-up to 2 sequences a member.

2-don't just do a meme song. those aren't ironic 

3-i know people have different interpretations of "ironic" but do your best

4-poop fart penid cock

The results will be on April 20th (haha hitler number haha lol)


Alright 4/20/2020 is here y'all time for the results.

In third place we have by Cringe_Gaming_64yt. This deserved third place because it really caught me off guard did laugh twas a funny doin an epic.

In second place we have by JeyWulf2. You get second because it's my style of ironic sequence and you did well job B)

AND IN FIRST we have by RuleEmpire. This deserved first because of how ironic it is and they went all out with the sound effects and what i assume is undertale style speaking. Good job you don't get anything because I dont really have anything to give away. You won bragging rights as secondary funny person on os how bout that.

We also have an honorable mention being by Alex. This is very epic funny relatable swag yolo but it didnt quite make it to the placing.

Thanks for playing enjoy weed day.
basically every new song on sequences list
(04-07-2020, 06:18 PM)eepic Wrote: [ -> ]idk wtf i  did [url=][/url] so i um used bass as guitar and guitar as bass
this isn't ironic. try again
listen to it once, revert it and check the "based on" sequence

when you're too lazy to think of a song name

People in bands can relate
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