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Full Version: Musical Riddle Challenge REVAMP
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The way that this game works is that there are riddles. each riddle has a genre, a style or a specific key

The one who can complete the most riddles and the most points win. 
The composition has to be your own unless the riddle says you can. 
post your song down below once you figured them out and state which riddle you have solved.
once 1 person solves 1 riddle, another person can try to compose something better then, the person who originally solved it. if they succeed, they will get 2 point. 

1 point = Solved the riddle
2 points= Both or Made something better than the last person

1. Those who are legally not allowed to vote (MINOR= SyntaxError)

2. Feel Free From Familiarity (F Key=SyntaxError)

3. Damn I think I just "..." this vase (Baroque= KirbyDerp)
4. Lays, Doritos, Pringles (Chiptune= eepic)

5. AWW YEAH, GET READY FOR THAT DROP (Dubstep=SyntaxError)
6. A full set has 88, but as you can see OS cant (PIANO= CRIMSON)

7. If I was hit with a giant rock, what would I be (B flat= Darn.)

8. 12 bars is enough for me to make a groove (Funk/blue= Syntax)

9. I like to hunt, I usually like to "..." my prey (Trap=Eepic)

10. Damn, That really stung... now I'm (Depressed Music= SyntaxError)

11. TAKE IT TO THE MAX. Actually, just don't.
12. Cracking your knuckles (POP= LucentTear)

13. Damn, that knife was sharp (D#= SyntaxError)

14. Satan likes to use this tone. It can also be seen in this genre (Blues= Kirbyderp)

15. This is a type of spaghetti sauce brand (Ragtime= SyntaxError)

16. hop, skip, and a jump (hip hop=JeyWulf2)
17. Iron, Aluminum, Copper (Metal= KirbyDerp)

18. Intentionally making something a lower quality (Lofi=SyntaxError)
19. I can't take my kids to an "...". Too much sax and violins (Orchestral= eepic)

20. Boots and low boops (Drum and Bass=SyntaxError)
21. SUGOI DESU (Anime= SyntaxError)

22. Apartment, Condo, Place of dwelling (House=SyntaxError)
23. I like to call this the butter of the music (Smooth Jazz= SyntaxError)
24. AUGHHGHHG, I just accidentally dropped my phone in the shower while charging (Electro= Darn.)

25. Coconut nut is a giant nut (Calypso= eepic)

26. SOH CAH TOA (Soca= SyntaxError)
27. Think Corona (Asian Music= SyntaxError)
28. I want to punch holes in my wall (Angry Music= SyntaxError)

29. There is something about a group of these 4 musicians (String Quartet= SyntaxError)

30. Hey... I feel like I have been in this place before (eurobeat=SyntaxError)
31. This is also another spaghetti sauce brand (Classical= SyntaxError)
32. Keep on "..." in the free world (Rock= eepic)

33. ahh the sounds of nature is really quite something (country= JeyWulf2)
35. GREG likes GREEN GARDEN GRASS (Key of G= Syntax)


Good luck to you all

LucentTear= 1 point
SyntaxError= 39.5 points
eepic=13 points
CRIMSON=2 points
KIRBYDERP=5  points
Newlstoon= 11 points
Darn.= 2 point
tibbinator= 0.5
JeyWulf= 4

the answer to no.6 is piano(?)

Also using this one because it's one of my favourite piano pieces which uses a wider range of notes-
17. Metal
Does this count? I don't really know what makes something "metal" over rock.
3. Baroque.
Also, someone compose a song to beat me for this because I have no idea how to make baroque. Smile
4. Lays, Doritos, Pringles CHIP TUNE!
19 = R Rated Movie? Too much sex and violence lol
(04-21-2020, 09:32 AM)SyntaxError Wrote: [ -> ]19 = R Rated Movie? Too much sex and violence lol
Incorrect. Read again
4 = Chiptunes
(04-21-2020, 09:34 AM)SyntaxError Wrote: [ -> ]4 = Chiptunes
Taken by eepic. You can beat it by posting a song better than his
(04-21-2020, 09:34 AM)SyntaxError Wrote: [ -> ]4 = Chiptunes
SOrry i already got that one
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