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Full Version: What is your best music?
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                          This is a place where you can share your best music.

                                                          Reply to this thread with your best music.

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***** music
I must ask, what is YOUR best music?

(04-30-2020, 06:35 PM)PuzzlePuddles Wrote: [ -> ]I must ask, what is YOUR best music?
idek........i have some good music but i cant rlly compare it with others
Here is my pick of my best original songs:

<-- My Contest Entry for the World Contest in 2018
<-- Collab with DoublePower
<-- Halloween 2018
<-- A lesser-known march that I composed
<-- A lesser-known tune that I composed
<-- One of my first original songs
<-- A lesser-known lullaby-type song that I composed
I have a few pieces, not sure which is best:
<-- This one apparently has the most views on my acc
<-- A WIP that I think will be good (I hope ;-: )
<-- I have nothing to say about this one actually

didnt do an actual sequence with it. but this is close enough i hope
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