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Full Version: JHXC music
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wow man, really creative, good job!
this is genius
Omg awesome
I don't think you know about this, but I'm a big Projared fan.

P.S. I'm not welcoming winter, by the way. I hate winter.
P.P.S. Yeah. Forget about Projared. He's a piece of *****.
Don't even ask me.
I was too bored.
I'm posting some songs on reddit, now. See how that goes.
Can you give a reddit link?
It's the online sequencer reddit:
I've only posted the dubstep song, but I might post more sometime soon.
Oh! I had no idea there was an Online Sequencer Reddit page. Thanks for informing me about that site. I'm /u/DaConnorSM if you wanted to know.
Happy Thanksgiving!
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