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I have been making several songs as a guest for a while now, so I've decided, now that I've registered myself, to share some of them.

The link below is a shortcut to all of my creations:

*Or you can just type in JHXC in the "search titles" bar to go to the same thing.

I hope you enjoy them; I've worked hard on them!


Fast forward 3 years and nearly 8 months...


I have been making a whole crap ton more than "several songs" now, so I've decided, now that everything has completely changed and it's again been nearly four years since I've become a member, to update this post in regular text formatting to share someĀ songs.

The original link in the post aboveĀ just takes you to a collection of every sequence with "JHXC" in the title, which includes not only songs that I made, but some copycats, some trolls, and also some very well done songs inspired my me (It's essential to separate the good from the bad). You can use the link above to see all of those sequences, but just remember that now the majority of those sequences aren't from me.

The link below is a shortcut to all of my sequences (at least the ones from august 2015 and later, when sequences became unique to the user), including "WIPs" and experiments:

I hope you guys enjoy (and have enjoyed) them, because saying I've worked hard on them is an understatement. Just note that some of the older ones have been created long before any of the world instruments or even the 8-bit instruments have been added, and the base instruments (Such as the E. Guitar) have changed alot since then.

Also, thanks for everything on the site. Y'all have been the best. Looking back at the original post brings back so many memories of a simpler time.
i love this art you made
I've decided to finish a certain song, and give it an upgrade. Link to the sequence below.
Here are some quick links to my "spotlight" creations:
-This is one of my first sequences, but also my most popular... by ALOT!
-This one is a little more recent, and pretty cool in my opinion.
-This is my attempt at some sort of a rock song.
-One of my most recent ones, and surprisingly more popular than I thought it would be...
-This one... yeah, I don't know what to say about this one... lets just say I was having fun.

I will be posting many new sequences in the future, so if you have any suggestions, please tell me!
Wow. Your music is really great! Simplistic and enjoyable to hear.
Just finished a new sequence:
-This is sort of a Native-African themed song.
-This is my attempt at Fortysevens' Contest.
Oh ma ga you added what i requested on my post (roxas theme) xD
-This is Roxas' theme from Kingdom Hearts, in response to CopyCat421's request. I thought I may as well sponsor it here.
-this is the longest sequence I've ever made on the Online Sequencer.
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