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Full Version: A Contest
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Yup, I did.

I based it off of Jay2k's Contest.

It's gonna end at the end of the month or so. Hoping that's enough time.

So basically, the rules are:

[size=large]Try to make something innovative.

You must call it "Fortysevens' Contest - (Your name goes here)"

You may change the tempo.

You can only edit at the I'M DONE and further.

You must post your song on this forum page.

Try to make your edit around 500+ notes.

I feel that the winner is...


You get cookiez and views

And... Because he said he would cry if he didn't win, and because his was probably the second best...

I am going to give it a go. Hopefully I will do well.

Here's mine:

Fortyseven's Contest- JHXC
Woo-hoo, keep these competitions coming, it's fun!

Here's my submission!

Also, you haven't mentioned the prize, is it gonna be views or what?
Yeah, I guess I could do more views like Jay2k. Maybe 5000
My submission isn't made on this website :/ but still.

Here it is:
Here's my submission:

Eh... I don't think I'll win :/

Whatever, at least I tried.
Soooooo uhhhh... Is this contest forgotten?
Well, I bet you were all kinda wondering why this contest was bascially forgotten, so... I'M LAZY.

Anyway, I'll go and post who I believe was the winner