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Full Version: Alex's OS QnA
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ASK ME ABOUT STUFF, about OS, music, or general. 

I'll answer it in the next episode of QnA with Alex.
What is your political opinion?
can you do the MMMMMMMMMM?
Do you hate megaIovania? If so, rate it out of 10.
what channels are you subscribed to on Youtube
do you watch lesbian

if you do, will you watch it with me
How do you feel about starting an OS Newsletter?
What's the marketing strategy behind OS? How's OS as a brand? What's the profits from OS advertising?

Plus, what's the history behind OS, like a changelog of sorts.

- Risviltsov (Riz-ville-tsov)
The update log can be viewed in its Forum. OS has no marketing that I am aware of, and is not really a brand. OS makes no ad profits as far as I know