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Make an either or statement to be answered by the next person.

Message rules: No more than the answer to the previous statement and a new Would You Rather statement.
Would you rather answering a statement or leaving it alone?

(this is a good one)
Would you rather only be able to drive motorcycles or only be able to drive a lemon (a bad car)

Would you rather be creatively talented and have no one appreciate your work until after your death, or be extremely smart and have 99.99% of people think your ideas are crazy/insane?
Well, the latter is what I deal with all the time; not to say I'm smart, but I am definitely wacky.

Would you rather have immaculate physique and s*** for brains, or an immaculate brain and s**** physique?
Good brain, so I could make a robot to use as a body

Would you rather experience only pain the rest of your life or cause only pain to others the rest of your life?
Pain the rest of my life, because I can't dare to cause pain to someone.

Would you rather love someone who don't love you or to be loved by someone you don't love.
I’d be loved by someone i dont love, as i went through a similar experience before.

Would you rather be immortal and have tragic things slowly happen throughout your life, or have only a week left to live and be able to do anything you want?
a week left to live and do everything i want, so i could make a device that made a week feel like 7 years, so I can get all my life plans done in that time frame

would you rather have the ability to teleport and end up naked, or the ability to be invisible but u have to be naked or not even you will go invisible. let alone your clothes?
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