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Full Version: More Keys, Bigger Grid
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the first suggestion is simple-
and more keys
what we have now is the
A,B,C,D,E,F,G Major and Minor Keys
i would be nice if more keys like the more eastern ones will be added
the second suggestion is about the grid
okay so let me explain this
the grid is made out of nodes ( every node represents a key on the piano )
piano goes from bottom to top in half tons
so i suggest add an option ( down where you set up the different instruments )
to change the grid that it goes from bottom to top in quarter tons
half tons - C to C#
quarter tons - C to C- to C#
( C- is something i made up, cause i dont know how its really called )
that option would be good for more variation of sounds,
and there are quite a lot of songs that use quarter tons for like singing and stuff
and that will make recreating those sing and stuff parts in Onelinesequencer

You can see notation symbols there Smile

And yes, it would be good for making pitch like effects.
Can i get an update on this?